Awareness and sensitization workshop and meetings are regularly organized with the co – operation and co – ordination of Government Health Department and the NGOs such as Tamilnadu Voluntary Health Association and Gandhi gram Institute of Rural Health etc. Ante –natel and post natal care, family planning breast feeding, public health, issues water related diseases, Anaemic children reproductive health are the important issues covered in the workshops. Mass Health campaigns have been also conducted with the co-operation of state and central Government health departments on various health issues such as eye, elephantiasis, cancer, tuberculosis, Malaria, Asthma and leprosy etc. These health awareness meetings and campaigns have transformed the women from the economically weaker sections as health conscious individuals.DWO has been regularly observing anti Tobacco Days on the ill on the ill consequences of smoking, chewing, mouth cancer & throat cancer.



Kumbakonam town is the centre for the nearby villages for business and junction for the National Highway travelers and six ancient Hindu Temples attracts many number of travelers. In order to cater to the floating population there are many lodges and boarding places available. As a result, Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) are prevailing in and around the town. The town is one of the commonly identified taluk with the incidents of AIDS / HIV. As part of the DWO programme, we have partnership with the Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society (TNSACS) and involved in the project of AIDS / HIV prevention and control. The primary target groups were limited to CSWs and Construction workers. Now DWO widened the project to all susceptible groups.

DWO has identified a group of CSWs call girls and their Pimps and conduct periodical meetings with them to rehabilitate them to the main stream by involving them in other income generating activities. Some of them have been employed in DWO to have an opportunity to serve the local community effectively.DWO views their problems as an issue to be resolved.



DWO managed an administered an English medium primary school from 1984 to 89 to impart quality education to all those who could not afford matriculation education. The overall personality development of the poor children were given priority and the poor found a great help. The children enrolled, received quality education & parents were guided on responsible parenthood. DWO also taught Hindi, the national language and it revived patriotic feeling and solidarity among children.



With the support of central social welfare board (CSWB) DWO has stated a creche for working women's children at Pudhu Padaiyur Village. This project is a most useful programme for the rural children and their mothers. Since the children are habituated to the process of learning through Creche Programme, the children enrollment in primary education has increased.



There is high prevalence of saloons for the local pilgrims and the surrounding residents. As part of the income generation activities for SHGs members. DWO has started a Novel plan of processing human hairs available from the saloons. DWO is a pioneer in this field. this activity also fetches quick money. This project was funded by AID, USA which facilitated the DWO come out with the effective implementation of this project.

VI.POND DEEPENING (Water Reservoir)

DWO has been greatly successful in mobilizing the local resources, especially water and environment. In 1998 DWO has motivated the poor and uneducated women to deepen a pond at kallur village to the extend of 4 acres with the money of the organization which was nearly Rs.2,00,000 Later Rs.1,00,000 was reimbursed by the collector. The pond has become a biggest asset and a permanent water resource and importantly it has set the trend of productivity.

DWO also motivated and trained people to grow fish in the pond and to earn income. Now, many number of families are earning their lively hood.



DWO built 23 tiled houses in Keela Pazhayarai at the cost of Rs.50,000 each with the assistance of CAPART in the year 1997. Each house consisted of a hall, kitchen and a toilet The families were permanently saved from the annual rituals of homelessness due to fire and rain.

DWO built 300 toilets at Kallur, serugudi and ammachatiram and in the year 1994 with the assistance of CAPART ,DWO has also briefed the people on the health factors, community health and waterborne diseases. The 300 families are away from water borne diseases and are able to maintain the personal and community health.


Awareness in safe drinking water to rural women / men /children

In the year 1997 with the assistance of RMK,DWO built another 100 toilets in pazhavathankattalai and ariapadaiveedu to the deserving families and hence forth the villagers are prevented from epidemic and ill health.


Hand pums are provided with CAPART Assistance

one of the perennial problem of the poor villagers is the scarcity of water. The regular failure of monsoon displaces people and shatters their confidence. In order to make the Government to understand the people's need. DWO took the issue to the concerned department. DWO has been keen on getting basic rights to all deserving people and succeeded in installing 15 Hand pumps at 9 villages in 1993 with CAPART assistance and the water crisis has been averted in the villages.




Vessels and Clothes are Supplied to Cyclone Affected Families


A Friend in need, DWO has been always with people when ever there is crisis and trouble DWO always extended its resources, time, expertise contacts and popularity to stand by people. DWO worked day and night to reach out and assist all food victims and ensured their safety and comfort. During the cyclone of 1996, relief work was carried out in 47 village panchayths and 3 town panchayaths of Kumbakonam Union.








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